Thursday, March 20, 2014

Internet World Messe in Munich

Internet World Messe in Munich, at the end of the last month, showed me a completely different face of the business community in Germany. At a certain extent, I got used in the last years with the 'dolce far niente' from Berlin, with part-time jobs and not extremely well kept promises. On the occasion of the fair, there were launched special travel offers, with special prices within Germany.
In numbers, during the two days, the fair was attended by 320 exhibitors and 13, 150 visitors. Most companies were from Germany, but also from Switzerland, Israel and the US. All the exhibitors I went in touch with, were ready for businesses, a feeling that I don't see very often in the capital city. Prepared with leaflets, some bilingual, and serious packages of offers, they were ready to interact with potential partners and customers. Besides the individual presentations of the companies, and many creative branding gadgets offered and special discounts, there were many interesting workshops and seminars held by experts and attended in big number by the participants.
 The main sector represented was the B2B, with a main focus on e-commerce and online marketing.
A special sector well represented and who is making its way in Germany too is of mobile and online payments that will probably offer a lot of specific evolutions, due to the sensitivities of the German market in general when it comes to personal data privacy. 
The indestructible potential of the German market was displayed through the big companies that decided to open their offices here, even though they may operate at a small level and follow completely different strategies compared to the rest of the world of Europe. 
One of the most interesting workshops I attended was about SEO and the role of YouTube video presentations, by Dr. Rainer Zugehoer. Outlining the important role of the video presentations, especially via YouTube and adapted to various formats - mobile, iPad etc. - for improving the SEO performance, he mentioned that in Europe, at least 50% of the companies are blocking the access to this network at work. The situation is even more complicated in Germany, where the GEMA is blocking significant content. By using video and visual presentations in general, the visibility of a brand or company increased, a valuable option when it comes to the need to expand the portfolio of customers. 
I left the Messe not only with a lot of information and tips and new connections that I hope to present soon on my blog, but also with a good feeling of being at the same place with professionals taking their work very seriously. Maybe the next year, between 24-25 March, will be back to the fair, with a different input and an updated agenda. 

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