Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Special consulting offer to improve your customer service skills

February is (finally) the first busy month of the business year. After the long winter holidays, it is time to be back in the business. Most probably, your customers are thinking the same, waiting for you not only better products, but also higher standards of customer service excellence.
The last year, following my own direct experiences with good or bad customer service and my consulting work for a couple of years in this domain, I wrote a book dedicated to help those working in this very demanding domain. 

The book is available on Kindle and offers a couple of simple and useful advices for those looking to improve the quality of their customer service, in order to get more customers and better reviews. Regardless of how cheap and good quality products you are offering, as long as you don't answer the questions of your customers, or ignore to address their specific demands, your business will suffer a serious setback. As a job seeker in this domain, if you think that working in this domain is very easy, you might need to go through this book to find some better customer service job descriptions.

My book will help you:
- to improve the quality of your customer service that will lead to more sales and business branding;
- to learn what is the best strategy answering the needs of your company;
- to identify the mistakes and get a new boost into the new business year

What you will learn:
- practical tips about how to answer e-mails requests
- best introductions and basic communication for online businesses, regardless of the domain of activity
- how to manage communication crisis 
- basic information about successfully using social media
- how to create customer friendly websites

The main target includes small and medium sized online businesses, looking to improve the quality of their customer service. It also offers useful tips to those interested to go successfully through customer service interview questions.

In the next weeks, I am offering promotional prices for one-on-one consulting via Skype for those interested to improve and launch their professional customer service departments or careers.

I am waiting for your e-mails and feedback at 

findtherightwordblog (at) gmail (dot) com

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